How do you set up the forms?

I’m finished with my website, but I am having trouble with the form. How do I set it up properly, and what email addresses can I use (eg: yahoo, gmail, etc). Does it have to be a domain email address (eg:

Also, what web hosting platform do you guys use?

Thanks in advance.


In my experience, it doesn’t matter what email providers you use. I used Gmail, iCloud, G Suite, Yahoo, and all of them worked perfectly.

As for hosting, I am using GoDaddy. Never had any problems.


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This question has been asked frequently by Blocs users. The quick answer is to check with your web host for recommended mail server settings and what is permitted with their server, but I’ve no had problems sending to gmail addresses etc.

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Many web hosting companies do place restrictions on the email addresses that forms can be sent to. This is because form processing scripts tend to use the server’s sendmail function, which poses a risk that servers may be used as spam gateways. Where this may be the case, simply set up an email account for your domain (almost every hosting account will allow at least one email address). You can then either set up your email client to receive the responses or, if it’s more convenient, set up the email account to automatically forward your responses to your public domain email account. This works because once the response has been received by the domain’s email server, it will use SMTP to forward the email to another address.

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Thanks for the reply.
what plan do you use?

thanks :slight_smile:

I use Linux Deluxe plan, but I think any plan would be ok.

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey quick question.

I set up my godaddy hosting, and i set up my form on Blocs. My form says “successfully sent” (the success message when the form sends), but I do not get any messages to my godaddy email (Office 356 mail).

Is it because I have I have a ‘Option Select’ brick in my form?
Is it because it takes time for the servers to set the email up? (I did it like an hour ago (I got the email saying that my email is set up from godaddy)).

Thanks again :slight_smile:

If you get a success message, then the script is acknowledging that it has successfully processed the form. Therefore, something is happening at the next stage - the sendmail step. This is to do with your hosting account, so you should ask godaddy for some advice on what may be happening. It could be, that they have prevented posting to godaddy email addresses for the same reason I mentioned in my previous answer.

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Ok, thanks for the reply. Ill look into it.


It was just sending it to my junk folder :joy:

I’m not getting any replies… my host is godaddy. email provider is G Suite (Google Business mail)
I think i made mistake in settings. (Note: there’s no mail in junk or spam folders)

can anybody explain me what is send to and from in the form settings.


Did you put your email to ‘Send to’ and ‘From’ fields?

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I added my gmail and iCloud emails… yet not getting…

it says

How long ago did you set up your hosting? I had to wait a few hours for the emails to start working. Also, did you link your emails with your hosting (I do not know if you have/can do this)? I am using my office 365 email (the free one that you create when buying your hosting from godaddy) for both my ‘Send To’ and ‘From’ emails.

I think the most likely problem causing this is your ‘@me’ (‘From’) email. I am pretty sure that your ‘From’ email has to be connected to your hosting some how.

Take not that I am just guessing what your problem is. I do not know exactly. I could be making zero sense ahahah

Still not receiving anything . I changed both to our both G Suite business email addresses (2 domains, from and to) but it says message has been sent. but didn’t get anything to email. (Even checked spams)…

Is there any other best free form created which can be embedded to our site?

This is the form which created by Blocs.

I think this is an issue related to my previous posts. You must check with your host that you can use an external email address. The “from” email is not so important as it’s only used to populate the “from” section of the email header. However, the “send to” section is used by the sendmail function of the server. If the sendmail function has restrictions, you will not receive any emails.

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Hi guys,

Sorry to dig up an old post! but I am setting up my form on my website.

I can’t find any tutorials or instructions on the forms at the moment (I will keep looking)

But my website will be hosted on 1&1 or IONOS as they are now called.
My email address is from Google which is a business email…This should work?

I know I put my email (google hosted) in the ’ Send to ’ section, but do I put this in the from too?

The email will go to any address you choose. I note that many use an email address in the from field but I use the chosen cPanel username @ server name and they always come though without fail.

I’ve noticed that some seem to get a terrible pickle over setting up forms and introducing added code, which I cannot understand unless they have really weird web hosts. This has always been very straightforward in my experience.

If you are using a 3rd party service like Office 365 you might well need to change the mx settings inside the zone editor and set the routing to remote, however this is not really to do with Blocs. I have a few client websites like that where there is not even an email address created on the server and it works fine.

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Thanks for the reply.

We use googles servers for running our business email addresses and our email is done via Google business.

I guess this can only be tried once the website is up and running and see what happens. What I don’t want to do is get the site up - tell everyone about it ! and when people message in - i don’t get them !..I will check this straight away !
(not a club what MX settings or zone editor is?..but ill check !..)

One thing to note, I this exact way in Rapidweaver / Foundation send to and from the email i want to use - and this works seamlessly, I take it Blocs form works in the same way?