How do you use the Tree Panel?

I wanted to know how people use the tree panel as I don’t really see the interest of it and might miss some interesting ways of using it.
As I’m working on a small screen I was happy with the blocs 2 version. Now that I have the tree panel on the left I have to reduce the view to 70% to see fully the page I’m working on and don’t really know how to use the tree panel to make me forget this little annoyance.
So, I’d be more than happy to hear about tips and trics on how to use the tree panel.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have the problem with viewing but i miss the old way of pages preview. Especially when you have more than 30 pages. I would love to see that option sometimes in some of betas.

I know how you feel, even with my 15" Macbook Pro I can’t view the main page at 100%. That said, I would not want to go back to the old way using Blocs 2. The more complex your sites are the more valuable the tree becomes.

Choosing and duplicating Blocs, rows, columns, and items within your page become much easier. Sometimes moving or adding items within a bloc is much easier than trying to drag something to another area on the page.

What I’d really like to see @Norm is having a sidebar that you could close/open or even better have an auto close/open sidebar similar to Lightroom. It works great and gives the user more control.



Hi Phil @Muppet

These 3 documentation links can provide useful as well as to the tree layers’s use and purpose.



Thank you.
I find only the last one really useful. In the other cases I tend to prefer doing a right click.

Hi Phil,

Layer Tree is super useful when you need to move some elements on your page. Selecting an element using just your mouse cursor can’t be challenging sometimes, but with this sidebar, it is so easy to make sure you are selecting the right element.

It becomes even more useful when you are building complex websites. I can’t imagine going back to the workflow with this Layer Tree.



Yeah, I’m hoping to make both sidebars collapsible later this year.


Wow, that would be really nice.



Wow! That’s even more than expected.
I really appreciate your work and how things go on this forum.
Thanks again for your nice work Norm.

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