How to achieve this effect? Scroll-Activated Animation

Hi forum!

Please take a look at this website:
One half moves up, the other half moves down when scrolling. Very neat effect!

How can I achieve this effect using Blocs?
Can this be done with the animation section of a bloc?

I would need a shove in the right direction.

Its using the multi scroll js plugin:

Not so good on mobile though. Needs a lot more work to complete the mobile positioning of images and behaviour.

Yeah, I would make a different one for mobile, as you said its not very good on that.

How do you apply such effect on blocs?
Some like myself are not programmers, a tutorial or video would come in handy.
Much appreciated.

@cincyplanet Thank you for the link!
It would be a really nice effect for the project I am currently working on. It seems to be more work than I expected though.
I’ll put it on the back burner for now but will come back to it once the first version of the site is online.

Yeah, I did a quick test and it had some serious issues. Probably a lot more work than it is worth to be honest.