How to Add a paragraph to a form

I am trying to make a contract, unless there is a contract bloc out there, that has a paragraph in it that will show up along with the data that comes to me in an email… like name address time etc then the paragraph which are the terms and conditions, I can have them agree to them in a checkbox, but i also want the paragraph to show up in the email that comes to me…anyone know how to do that?

This is what Eldar told me “Just make sure that all of the fields (in this case a message file with your paragraph text) are located inside one form bric, and not outside of it.”

I guess i don’t get what he meant by Message file

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The problem I see with this is proving absolutely you have a contract. It’s a bit mechanical, but the consent label could include contract text as indeed could the checkbox ID that comes through, but proving what they ticked is the same as what you have written is altogether more tricky if somebody wants to be difficult. It depends what is involved here.

I think Eldar was basically saying the paragraph bric should be inside the form, rather than below it.

As an afterthought it could be useful if there was an option to pre-fill a part of the message section that could not be edited by the user.

I did include the paragraph brick i thought inside the form, and had a checkbox after it and a signature area and that all came though except the paragraph

I think thats what he was trying to say, how to you put it in a message block without them being able to edit it i guess…i want to include the text so that way it is prove that this is what they read…

The paragraph text won’t come through, since it is not directly linked to the form, any more than an image or phone number in the same area, which is why I made the point about proof. It really needs the option to have some text inside the message area that cannot be edited.

My other idea was to write the contract as the consent ID in the side panel and match that to the text for the consent button seen by the visitor, but you could write something there about fluffy pink elephants. It doesn’t stack up as a real contract.

Somebody clever than me might know how to edit the contact form, so that it includes that text, otherwise I’d look at options like a PDF contract that is mailed back to you. Is this a 14 page contract or a line saying they agree to your general terms & conditions?

I already had it online at my old website with a signature block and all, it worked great, just thought I could use this somehow to do the same thing, oh well have to figure it out i guess.