How to add CSS Classes to an element (User Experience)

Hi there,

Recently I found myself to add more and more CSS classes to different elements in Blocs.
During the process, I fell into difficulty again and again.

I do not know what’s wrong with me, or with my computer, perhaps with Blocs.
That’s why I need your kind help.

My problem is the following:

  1. When I get started to type a standard Bootstrap 4 class name in the text field a new pop-up window shows up with some handy recommendation
  2. I do not mind this help but unfortunately, at this moment I could not type any other letters because of the lost focus on the text area

Is this user experience is intentional @Norm ? The typing flow is broken after every first letter I put into the text-area. Is there any magical keystroke to prevent this help window to stop me typing? I would really appreciate any help because this thing drives me crazy.

Thank you!