How to add html to a button

Hello everyone. First I am a novice. I am an owner of a small company that does IT work. Mostly I am really just the CFO and marketing guy. However have designed a few simple websites for our clients as an add on service. I chose Blocs mostly because I am a Mac user. I’m afraid I have taught myself and know very little about coding. After that disclaimer I will get to my question. One of our clients has a Make a Payment button on their website that I created months ago but they weren’t ready for the actual payment function to work. They said they are ready and gave me a large html code to use for the bottom. I’m not sure where to enter the html as I don’t ever use code and just use the templates. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks.

This could help too.

Hey @jared
What do you mean by HTML code? Is it a script? What payment gateway are they embedding, that will make it easier for people to help.

Same issue guys!

PLease help me.

Try adding the code through a code bric. You may find that the code you’ve been provided with includes the button.

it worked for me, thanks

can you share button.png’s code, i can’t copy it from image vidmate

which specific button are you trying to download or get the code for.