How to center a html-bric?

I just started redesigning my Hotel Site. I’ve added an online-booking-widget (html-bric). how can i center it inside its row-container? At the moment it is aligned to the left and that’s not really looking perfect…

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

create a class called;


and set the margin to;


is this possible via menu manager? i could create the class in mm, but how to set the margin to “auto”?

Open class manager set the class and type “auto” in the margin setting input…

thanks - i’ll try.

@simon: i created the class and set margin to auto. But i don’t get the result i want… :thinking:

any idea, anyone?



instead because Blocs adds a leading . to div the css isn’t picking up the class


great - it works! :+1:t2:

It’s looking good, Steffen and Kathi. An English-language version next? :slight_smile:

next project! :wink:

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Hi, surely you did a long search to find a booking widget. Could you recommend one for me? I am very grateful to you.

I would say it depends very much on what Property Management System (PMS) you use in your business. Does it have an interface to any booking engines/widgets? If so, which ones are supported? Which Booking Engine fits best? What are the prices?

There are many factors to consider.

Our Booking Engine is from “Profitroom” and has an interface to our PMS. This means that all bookings are automatically transferred to our management software. Of course this has its price…

What PMS do your (or does your customer) use?