How to center a html-bric?

I just started redesigning my Hotel Site. I’ve added an online-booking-widget (html-bric). how can i center it inside its row-container? At the moment it is aligned to the left and that’s not really looking perfect…

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

create a class called;


and set the margin to;


is this possible via menu manager? i could create the class in mm, but how to set the margin to “auto”?

Open class manager set the class and type “auto” in the margin setting input…

thanks - i’ll try.

@simon: i created the class and set margin to auto. But i don’t get the result i want… :thinking:

any idea, anyone?



instead because Blocs adds a leading . to div the css isn’t picking up the class


great - it works! :+1:t2:

It’s looking good, Steffen and Kathi. An English-language version next? :slight_smile:

next project! :wink:

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