How to change Divider Color?

Hello @Norm,

How can we change the color of divider?


Hi, open your Class Manager and add one class named divider. I hope the picture help you.


Hello @Pascal, Thanks for your reply. I tried to change color using your suggestion but by adding/choosing color, it goes in the background of divider rather changing the divider’s own color.

What to do? Thanks

I think that you add the class in the Sidebar but, you don’t need to add a new class. You need to modify an existing class in Blocs. For this, open first your Class Manager (Window > Class Manager), push the plus symbol and in the dialog box “Class Name” type divider, push on “Add Class” and edit this class via the Class Manager panel.


@Pascal, Thanks for your help! It worked :grinning:

Sorry for late reply… I was not over these forums from long time… :cry:

@Pascal, Wow… Don’t know why it works this way and not via the sidebar?! Isn’t this a bit strange… Thanks anyway!