How to create a "Register now" button at the top beside the navigation menu icon

Hi, is there a way to create a button beside the navigation menu icon?

Here’s a youtube link that @Eldar put up a while back on how to add a button to the navigation menu.


Thanks. Actually what I’m asking is to add a register button when the menu gets dropped down when user clicks the menu icon

From what I can see this method no longer works @Eldar as the Appearance panel now displays the hamburger display options rather than the columns of the menu.

Any ideas on how to achieve this now?


Set the menu source to none, duplicate the link, drag out the link out of the menu to any place (you can delete it right after doing that). There will be the empty placeholder where you can put a button.


Hello, I have the same problem, I want to add a Login button, on the right side of the menu. I did exactly what you suggested, but the dublecated link just moves outside the menu, and does not leave any empty item/box behind itself. Is your suggestion still works in the last version of blocsapp? maybe it doesn’t work on last version or I do something wrong?

At the moment I did the Login button as a part of menu- it is a link. Will be happy if I could make Login to look like a button, not a link. Thank you in advance.

Hello @ksenia,

It is true that in the latest version of Blocs dragging the button out of the menu doesn’t leave the empty space.

But you can still easily add the button by switching to the Drop mode (D) and adding the button directly to the menu. From where, you can drag and drop menu items the way you want. Check the image below.



Oh, Great! Yes, this one works perfectly, thank you a lot! :slight_smile: