How to create an icon that when tabbed opens a GPS map app on phone?

how to create an icon that when tabbed opens a GPS map app on phone?
(i don’t want to open the google maps)

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You mean by „open a map“ an image? That’s fairly easy. Select a Modal Bric, add an image and remove the rest (header, paragraph, button) if you want. Give it a ID (it comes with one, but that’s just randomly generated).

Next, chose your icon, set the interaction type to open modal, enter the ID you just gave the Modal Bric. Done.

Details also here:

Hello @newblocs, I think that what you’r referring is Deep Links, and Apple calls it Universal Links and Google calls it App Links.

So you want that a link opens in a specific app, I had done this before, and a site that helps me with this was this one.

Hope it helps you, if I understand correctly what you need…

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thank you!!

If you want your site visitors to open a mapping application that points directly to a specific address or location. I suggest something like the What3Words App. You can go on line and enter any address in the world and it will produce a map pinpointing the address within a 3 x 3 metre location. The share option will generates a normal web link that can be used as an external link attached to your icon. If a user taps the link, they will be taken to the online map from where they can get driving instructions etc as normal. The nice thing about this service is that if someone clicks the link from a mobile device, they will be given the option of downloading the mobile app or using the web-based version. Anyone who has the app already installed, will find the link opens the app on their device.

Here is a typical url that opens a location map of Buckingham Palace in London - Click it and give it a try.

The actual link on your web site would be entered as Try adding it to your icon and check it out.

Some Background info: If you find the “3 words” concept a little strange, the app was originally intended as a service for locating someone who may need the help of the emergency services, but don’t know their exact location - maybe after a car accident in the midst of nowhere. The emergency service can send a link to the app so that the user can quickly download it to their mobile phone. When the app fires up it returns three words that pinpoints the location of the phone, that can then be relayed to the emergency services. From these three words they can pinpoint exactly where the user is. Basically, three words that could literally save your life!