How to create Google Webspace for Blocs

I would like to use google for a hosting site. I have the domain registered with google, but I don’t see how to create a webspace and connect it to the domain name to ftp blocs to google. Does anybody have any experience with this? The only thing I see in google for creating a website is to use one of the google partners which I don’t need since I am using blocs to develop the site.


I’ve never done it but I think you need to use the Google cloud market place and install an Apache HTTP server or LAMP. If you’re using forms you will need PHP.

Although I could be wrong and there is a more turn key solution.

Have you read the documentation?

After some more research it seems that Google Cloud is the platform to do this. After, I configured the server as well as google workspace for email. The cost is much higher than what I have been using for my hosting.