How to do that

Hi guys
I’m new in blocs and I’d like to make a menu like the one in the attachment.
can anyone help me?
tx a lot

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Check out the Blocs Master’s tutorials.

Hi Davide,

You can add a class to the List, add a background color with transparency, add corner radius to make it round, and add padding to make it the size you want.



Eldar, I am so impressed with your knowledge and willingness to help each and every single forum member. Respect.


Hi Brecht! Thanks for kind words! :slight_smile:
We have lots of amazing users here, who are willing to help!


as always you are the best, but how to put the logo on the left side, center the menu and put another element on the right? sorry for my stupid question, but I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

To do what you want AND keep the logo within the navbar, follow @Eldar’s advice but add the custom class to the navbar instead of the list. You could also add a width to the navbar in the same custom class of say 80%. To centre the whole navbar, select the right and left margins in the metrics tab and set the margin to auto.

If you also want to add content on the left and the right of the navbar you would follow Eldar’s method exactly and then add a column on each side of the column containing the navbar - essentially making it a three column structure. To achieve this you would reduce the width of the column containing the navbar to make room for the additional columns.


Well, there are million ways you can do that, and all can be used without a problem.

Here is another way.

It’s not perfectly adjusted and the content is obviously not real, but you can see how I have done that to get an idea of what’s possible.

Here’s the BLOC file.
davide shoe.bloc (912.0 KB)



Lovely look there @Eldar (I bet your looking forward to Apples new releases tonight!)

Web design can be like art at times, visual simplicity is so much more appealing than too much going on.

Never mind, while I was putting this together I saw @Eldar posted, nice job mate :smiley:

Probably the only thing I did different was using flex for the menu.

d-flex justify-content-around


Yeah, I am learning flex these days :wink:

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Hi Adrian,

Yeah, I do. I like to check Apple’s website after their events ))

guys think you all for your answers.
I really appreciate this community cause people like you is a real tutor for people like me who are trying to learn this awesome app.
tx one more time to all of you :heart: