How to downgrade 2.6.2 to 2.6.1?

As working with lightbox is getting worse I would like to reinstall former version.
Anyone there who has ever done this?

You can download old versions of Blocs here.

@Norm, Thanks fort he link.

In the meantime while working on an old project on the other Mac with 2.6.2 I got a vague clue about the problem which caused my post.

It is obviously not only the light box, buttons are affected as well.
So, some (not all) pictures and buttons do not open the „interaction panel“.
The workaround is simple, but took a while to find out.

E.G.- A click on another image or button which are opening the interaction panel helps.
Than click on the image (or button) you want to change – type caption or button text and it will be adapted.
So, this seems to be a small bug :slight_smile:

Another behaviour I got aware of is copying and pasting classes.
In 2.6.2 blocsapp shuts down quiet often.

Regards an compliments on your work

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