How to fix some content to not be responsive?

@Norm, How to fix some content to not be responsive?

Because I’ve pricing table which get cluttered when screen size go small, from my side I’ve hide it from Mobile version.

What to do?


Make the text smaller on mobile?

@Norm, Thanks for your reply. I don’t mean smaller text on mobile the thing is I have six column for pricing/plans table but it gets very weird in terms of alignment when changing screen size from laptop to tablet for reference see attachment:



Can’t we’ve some feature which can allow a particular block/section to be non-responsive?


If you try the beta for 2.4 you can control the collapse control of the columns on mobile so they don’t go to 100% width.

Remember this is a beta release so make backs and expect the unexpected.

@Norm, So you mean it will make the selected/particular columns non responsive? So that it cannot clutter.

It will force the columns to stay as they are on desktop and tablet but consider the will be very thin on Mobile. as the screen is not as wide.

@Norm, That is great but can’t we have a feature where, the size of the content can be same & unresponsive but with horizontal scroll-able. Because it won’t clutter or shrink and give the exact same content.

NOTE: The whole page should not scroll with that block only that particular block should scroll.

Hope I’m making a point :slight_smile:

You can have a mobile-only bloc for your table and use an image.

Can you post a link to an example Blocs document that has a responsive table? There is no table block/bric in Blocs that I can see, so I must assume you must resort to code hacks to get it to work. In any case, I’d like to see an example document with a responsive table so I can understand how they are built. In SoftPress Freeway, it’s drop-dead simple. You click the Table Tool and draw (not a responsible table, of course).


If you don’t want a responsive table, you can always use the HTML brick and code up a table using old table code.

I think people get carried away that responsive == “a good solution regardless of browser size” when it really means “a solution in all browser sizes” and a “good solution” in some sizes.

I think it is possible to build a solution for the table by using existing blocsapp columns, but it will take some patience and very small font sizes. The table is quite busy and I would think it’s a lot easier to use an image (as per my example above) and use the alt-text for a screen-reader friendly version.

As in all things, it’s best not to get hung up that a solution exists only in one way.

Hi ac.afd,

For a scrolling sideways table, do this in your code…
Add a wrapping div around the table

And then add css rule

width: 100%;
overflow-y: auto;
_overflow: auto;
margin: 0 0 1em;

A big reason to buy Blocs, as was the case with SoftPress Freeway long ago, is that its “For those who don’t see the world as code.” At least Freeway has a Table tool to easily create old-school tables. There is no equivalent tool in Blocs, so you have to resort to code. My contention is, you should NOT be forced to use code just to add a table to a page, especially since you will likely want to make many design tweaks to it over time, which is much harder to do in code than in a GUI.

I think Paul will agree with you. Unfortunately Blocs is not a no-code exclusive app, there are boundaries were you will have to tinker with code, but since the release of Blocs 1.0 they have become Wider and broader meaning you rely on the HTML widget less.

Tables will come, but ultimately to get the most out of responsive web design apps of now, you will inevitably learn the basics of code.

Tab areas are also another bric that is coming.

Edit: looks like I was wrong about Paul :sunglasses:

You aren’t. Blocsapp reflects the HTML and CSS constructs that exist and the Bootstrap framework that it is built upon. It doesn’t claim to be a website builder that does everything for you.

It would be nice to see a table builder, but that would be a distraction given the more pressing items that blocs has to address.

You mention a tool that most likely builds tables using the old table HTML markup - something we are all told we shouldn’t be using anymore.

For the mobile version of this particular six-column table, an image works very well and it can still be accessible using the alt-text description.

It would be nice for blocsapp to have a table constructor, but it’s way down on my wishlist and I hope Norm doesn’t get distracted into making one just yet.

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Not so much on this one Norm…

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No one should be building non-responsive sites these days, but my sites are all non-responsive. Actually, a huge number of sites across the web are not yet responsive. Many are investigating the software tools that enable non-code-savvy designers to create responsive sites, but not all web design tools have the ease of use yet to empower those designers to get with the times. I personally feel that Blocs is a leap ahead of other apps in that regard. It is simply missing some key features.

Now as to having a table tool, I consider that a key feature. What other features are so much more pressing that a table tool would be a distraction from those other glorious features?

Tabular data in a commercial website is quite useful, common to find and important. Building numerous tables in code is akin to a blind man finding his way around a room. I prefer to design with my eyes wide open, rather have to stumble over code to achieve my right-brained aims.

[quote=“JDW, post:17, topic:1108”]
my sites are all non-responsive. [/quote]

Then much of the rationale of blocsapp is lost for you, and ironically the subject of this thread wouldn’t even apply to your use-case!

Quite true, they may be outdated and have no interest in the army of people for whom mobile and tablet is their principle form of access to the web. Or they may just be ignorant that this is todays reality.

I have rarely made tables for any of the sites that I have made, but I accept it is important for you.

With care, you can make tables in blocsapp, but I agree as a dedicated table builder it is no good.

I don’t mind blocsapp having a tablebuilder, but as I said it is way down on my priorities, so far down I hadn’t thought about it as an omission.

Not at all. I am here because I am interest in Blocs. I am interested in it because it holds more promise of enabling a right-brained individual to more easily create a responsive website than any other Macintosh web design tool I’ve tested.

I have iPads and iPod Touches and iPhones. I use them to browse non-responsive sites all the time. I like responsive sites better, but if a non-response site is the only way to access certain information, who am I to avoid viewing that site? And if I grow weary of pinch-to-zoom and really want to view that non-responsive site the way it was designed, I’ll just hope on my Mac and view it in Safari. This isn’t an argument against responsive sites. We need more responsive sites. And thankfully there is Blocs to empower people to build them.

I’ve been testing Blocs only for a few days, but I understand what you mean and agree.

I respect your position. And thank you for the table generator link. That is something to ponder until that future date when a responsive table tool in Blocs becomes available.

Best wishes, Paul!


@Norm Is there any updated on this? I’ve been working on a website from last 6-7 months and I want to do everything Blocs.

So please update :slight_smile: Thanks

Me too. I really like Blocs. But a responsive Table tool (for holding tabular data) and an easy means of tying in with Google Custom Search with a responsive and nice looking search field are the main 2 things holding me back from making the move from Freeway Pro 7 to Blocs.