How to get a page-wide background?

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isn’t it possible to get a page-wide background in Blocs? I only can set backgrounds to the single blocs but not for the whole page.

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You can use one main bloc add the background and then keep adding bricks inside the main bloc. It takes some work but it is possible.


Thank you. But it seems that’s not possible to use global elements in this way what it’s bad. So BlocsApp seems not to be a good replacement for Adobe Muse. It’s to limited like RapidWeaver in fast design possibilities. So I hardly have to take a look at Webflow which is not very cheap at all.

This seems like a reasonable new feature to suggest to @norm, to add a page colour and image option and also to make it a global option.


It seems easy but using different blocs design elements configured at different sizes is where the problem starts. It is possible just a little more work. I’m not sure exactly what your looking to do but here’s an example of one version of a site with a static background. My client ended up going with a hero page setup.



If you use the global color every section and page will have that color.


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Nice site Casey…big question…
Would it be possible to upload 5hat site somewhere so I could see what you did to achieve it? It looks simple but I like what you did.

Sorry but I just posted this to show what can be down. My client has a different version online and I don’t want anything conflicting.

Here’s a link to the site they selected.

I can tell you the menu is built from scratch with a hidden dropdown. Then you just start adding rows elements inside the main bloc (from the bottom bricks). Once thing you have to do is turn off gutters or the images will not fill the row. Hope this helps.


Thx. Very nice design work.

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Did you do the Lee Lake website as well? Using Blocs “out of the box” ? Or did you have to add a lot of custom code to get effects?

Yes, I did that site. It’s made totally using just Blocs. I did insert some code for the online thermometer, and the PayPal buttons, but nothing thats hard to do. For the rest of the website I just used classes to control elements on the page. Really nothing that takes any programming knowledge. You really need to use classes to make everything work well on a mobile device. Once you start using them you’ll see just how powerful and easy they are to use.


Again another nice site.