How to get an icon closer to text


I need to place the icon of the phone next to the phone number. I have dropped two columns and inside the left one I have dropped the icon of the phone and inside the right one the phone number.

I would like to place the phone symbol very close to the phone number and so I have tried to resize the left column as much as I could

But in any case some space remains between the symbol and the phone number and I cannot shrink it.

How could I do to get them closer?


One solution would be to use a button with a icon. Then they would stay together. You could then make a class and style to look.

Putting two columns and then aligning right and left or putting both in one column and align both left can work but it also can be problematic with different devices.


Beginner’s tip from this beginner: Margins and Padding! I spend a lot of time tracking them down and removing whitespace between elements that I want to visually link by proximity.