How to highlight selected item in nav Bar

I would like that I see what item on the Nav Bar is currently selected.
Maybe by changing the font color or background.
The attached video shows what i want to achieve

Hi @Stubbs

To achieve this you will need to use custom classes.

My iMac unfortunately passed away so the following video was made on my Macbook Air late at night.

Not the best video I shot and when showing the preview I realized that I had not linked the menu to the pages right away so a little step backwards. However, it should give you an idea of how I do some styling with custom classes. You can add more decoration with borders, boxes etc…

Here is the bloc file I used (very simple).

Navigation active menu.bloc (579.1 KB)

Hope this helps.

You may also want to check videos from @Eldar He also has a Youtube channel:


Thanks very much especially that you take the time to make a video.
I appreciated it very much. This is also with animation possible?


Sorry, there is an additional question is this also possible on one-page navigation?

Hi Jorge @Stubbs

Yes animations can be added. Right hand side panel.