How to keep a bloc from scrolling?

It’s a newbie question, sorry about that. What I am after is the ability to keep a set of buttons at the top of the page, even as it’s scrolled. I know when you put a navigation menu in a bloc, a “sticky” button appears. But what if there is no navigation menu design that fits what you want? (I liked centered buttons no logo/company with a rollover “button’ background. I made one, it works, but I can’t get it to be sticky, because there’s no button to do so)

Sorry for my stupidity… any hints? Thanks


You can place buttons in place of navigation links. Set the source of menu to ‘None’, and it will allow you to build any type of menu. Add classes to this buttons to customize them the way you like.

And, you will be able to use the ‘Sticky’ option in the sidebar at the same time.


Awesome! Thanks!

One slight problem, that I might have inadvertently caused. Is it normal to not “stick” to the top until the entire page is done loading?

Could you please share the URL to your page, so I can take a look?

Hello @sfoster71 I create a snippet for you if you want to use it.

His title is:

  • Create a Bloc as a Sticky Header

There is the link for it:

Hope it will helps you.