How to make this startup page?


did anybody know, how to make this wonderful start page?

thanks for feedback

The page uses an HTML5 animation. Blocs isn’t an animation app (although it does have some built in animation functions). You would be best to use something like Tumult Hype for creating such an animation, and then add it to you blocs project through an HTML bric.Hype can create animations with user interactions which are fully responsive. I’m sure there are other apps also. As for Blocs, it is a website development app, and although it does a lot, it can’t extend to the creation of actual content. It’s not animation software, it’s not an image editing package and it’s not a graphics application. When creating modern websites, you’re going to have to have a whole range of applications at your disposal.

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:slight_smile: Thanks Hendon52…, for your answer