How to manage site with a lot of pages (<50)?

Hi all,
please help me to understand the logic of building of project wit a lot of internal pages, about 50 pages for example.
Does blocs it support? Does it have an page hierarchy? Or I just press add button pages with “+” menu? How to work with some site structure? For example:

  • PAGE A
    – PAGE A.1
    – PAGE A.2
  • PAGE B
    –PAGE B.1
    —PAGE B.1.1
    —PAGE B.1.2
    —PAGE B.1.N
    –PAGE B.2
    –PAGE B.N
    -PAGE C

    PAGE N

No, it doesn’t do that, although it’s been a request for a while, as in having a ‘main’ page and a subfolder of pages from it - Like Muse had when it was around.

It’s just the + (add page/duplicate page etc.) but they all get added at the same level, no hierarchy. 50 pages is do-able though, just needs a bit of scrolling to get to the correct page to work on.