How To: Modern Background Effect

So, I am trying to recreate the effect of those “bubble mesh” images in the background. I’m assuming that it can be done with background images, however, I am not sure on what size to make the background images (or if it can be done in a different way).

Does anyone have an idea on how to recreate this modern effect? And if so, where should I start.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You just create a large white and blue background image for each Bloc.

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Yes, that is what I thought. Do you know what dimensions I would need to use for the background image?

Start with a big canvas size of say 2000px x 1340px. Add a white or other colour BG and then add a circle or rectangle, and add some nodes to it, and then reshape the circle or rectangle and colour it as required.

Then export as a jpg or SVG. I would use the SVG as it will be pin sharp and tiny for a simple BG, but the jpg will be fine too.

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Thanks for this. Im going to try it now and will let you know.