How to modify a feature bric

I put a feature bric which seems to be a two column 3 row with a gutte into a page. However the icons for the Bric Feature #3 are adjacent to each other. I want the icon for the left column to the left of the header and para text. This would match the right column orientation.

I can not figure out how to move the icons or create a bric?.

How or can I do this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @etdronehome

Here’s a quick video for you :nerd_face:


Thank you so much for the video. That not only showed me the solution for this issue but more importantly how to format other ideas that I have.
“Give them a fish and you give them a meal. Teach them how to fish and they can feed themselves forever”. BURB!

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@etdronehome That’s the idea. :wink:



Thanks again. I have a question how to “save” this new bric. I see how to duplicate it but it seems like it can only be direct within the web site being developed. I see how to save the page as a template which seem to be a solution.

Can this be “saved” as a bric?