How to organize custom classes

Is there a way to determine which custom classes aren’t currently used as a way to organize them, and that this custom class is used here and here? I would like to organize it because the style will change even if it is used in other places that are not

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 5.12.57 PM
You can delete all unused classes by clicking the minus sign in the Class Manager window. As for your other question, there’s no way for the Class Manager to tell you where a class was used. Hope that helps.

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Yes, I just discovered that one, very nice. :clap: Is there a way to figure out where a class is used, besides using inspector and digging? (Or expand all blocs and dig through every page.) :sweat_smile:

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Currently no, best practice is to name your classes that will help identify where they are used. Example: main.buttons

Also be careful using the delete all unused classes. Once it finds these, double check to make sure they are not being used.


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Thank you for finding it, I was able to organize it a little.

I’m grateful that custom classes are created automatically, but I also want a breakthrough way to organize them.

Yes, I will reconfirm thanks