How to reduce the height of a bloc over the navigation bloc?

please check attachment.

On top of the navigation bloc, I have put a bloc (white one) to show my email, phone number and social.

The problem I have is that I would like to reduce its height as much as possible, in other words to make it just a tiny bit higher that the wording, more or less half as height as the navigation bloc.

I have tried to add a custom class and to reduce the height but nothing.

Can you please advise how to achieve this?


I assume you’ve placed a bloc above your navigation.If so, be sure to remove padding on the bloc. Select the Row within the bloc (not the bloc itself) and follow the instructions in the illustration below. The row will automatically size to accommodate the content. If you need to change the height of the bloc, you can add a margin or padding to the top and bottom of the row. In the attached illustration, I’ve added a margin. This will adjust the height of the bloc accordingly.

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