How to remove Global Areas?

I created a second page for my website but when trying to include the navigation and footer Global Areas, it’s also including other sections as well that aren’t supposed to be part of the Global Areas. When deleting the bloc sections, it also deletes the one on the home page :frowning:

How do I manually remove a bloc section from the Global Area?

The global areas are exactly that - global same on each page. You can disable the global area for a specific page.

Check out the “include Nav area” setting for page options.

@Norm : I’ve always disliked the term “Global Area” thinking it should be “header” and “footer” and now we have two terms for the same thing “Global Area” and “Nav Area” - a bit of inconsistency in blocsapp.

If you are trying t remove a blocs from the glocal area, you do it just like you would remove a bloc from the page itself - no difference. If a bloc is in the global area and it should not be, you can always move it out of the global area. Bloc->Move->Down

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@pauland The section that’s part of the Global Area isn’t in the nav or footer bloc so I don’t understand why its part of the Global Area? Moving it up or down doesn’t make a difference.

Can you attach your file here or some screenshots, because I don’t understand your explanation.

In the global area you can have as many blocs as you wish, not just one.

@pauland How do I differentiate between a global area and a non-global area lol?

There is a blue line between them.

A picture, and all that…

…am I the only one that thinks these should be called header ( or global header ), body and footer (global footer)?

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@pauland Thanks for the help! It seems I have created all my blocs inside the global area. Is there any way to move them out of it while keeping the order? and yes they should be renamed.

Select a bloc and move it down - I already told you how!

It’s in the menu.

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@pauland I’ve got the hang of it now! :smiley: Thanks!

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@pauland nope. I’ve also thought it should be labled header and footer.