How to remove the pull-left class on icons?

I’m trying to create a social icons area but Blocs add class pull-left that I don’t want.
I just want these icons centered.

So I exported the files and icons are left as are on Blocs.

But when I remove the class, works I as need.


You can put any bric into a column row and apply the custom class to this row. In this custom class, go to typography settings (3rd tab) and adjust the alignment to center.

I did it, but is not working.

Take a look, I added a social class to this row, and chose alignment center.

My icons have this class icon, so they are display: inline-block.

Maybe I could just remove this alignment will works as I’m wanting. I think this is adding float-left inline.

I got the problem. When add the url this icon element “convert” to a block element because the a html element maybe have this as default?

Maybe is that div that we can’t see on Blocs.


This is looking in Blocs.

And this is looking in browser.

I think the problem is that we can’t remove the bric alignment. If have this option will works fine.

Did you put the column row bric first? You need to add it first inside the empty row, and then add the class to center the elements.

I recommend to use buttons (with icon enabled and text deleted) instead of icons to solve the problem with being unable to center more than 1 icon with a link. You can then add a class to the button and get rid or background color and adjust the padding to your liking.

Before, thanks for your time @Eldar.

This way don’t work as I want. With buttons etc.

The problem is that when add link to a icon, A element change the icon inline-block display behavior.

Hello again @marciotoledo
Maybe I didn’t understand what you want to archive.
Below is the little video I recorded for you. Important thing is you have to add the link to the button. Hope this is close to what you want to archive.

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