How to reorganise 'boxes' with header, text and image

I need a way to make a page consisting of newspaper kind of ‘boxes’, each containing a header, some text, and one or two images. So far, so good - this is easy to achieve. But I’ve spent some time trying to reorganise them, so that they don’t appear in the same order. IMO it should be easy as grabbing each of these boxes and move them to somewhere else, but I haven’t found a way to do that yet.

They also need to have the same height and width, because if I create a page with has a with of eg. 750, I can have three of them next to each other (horizontally), and have them automatically be reorganised into two next to each other, or only one on mobiles phones, without ending up looking messy. Is this doable? Thanks in advance.


Blocs 3 uses the Bootstrap 4 framework. Which you can achieve all that with.
Have you read the docs for Blocs?

If you created the boxes using columns and cards you can use the left side bar to rearrange the order of the boxes by moving the columns.

Thanks, Malachiman, I must have read this in the docs, but forgotten it. I prefer a UI where one needs to check the manual as much as possible. :slight_smile: I’m used to an app where one simply can grab the background of such a ‘box’/bloc and drag it, but it’s good that it’s doable in blocs as well.