How to reposition logo, title and menu?


I am trying to reposition these elements higher up in the header of my project and do not see how to accomplish this.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hello Rich,

When you add a navigation bloc, just choose the bloc with the logo, title and menu positioned to the center. (as shown on image below)



Thanks for the reply. I forgot to attach this screen shot. I wanted the fields to be higher in the header but your reply had me rethink what I was doing. I will not put this background in the header and instead make the header smaller with the menu title etc. I will put the image in a “Hero?” type bloc in the global area. Thus it will only appear on page 1.

I am not a programmer and last got involved with a personal web back in the early Rapidweaver days. It is a huge learning curve but I already see the advantages of Blocs.

Thanks again