How to use form?

Hi everybody,
I wonder how to configurate form?
I have tried with a php server (mamp) but it doesn’t work even when i put 2 differents emails.
Should i need to have a “special” email in “from”?
Could you help me ?
Thank you!

The from field is left as default on my webpages but I think it is just to show where it came from and doesn’t have to be a special email address. The “Send to” field is obviously the address where the form is sent to. Have you tried this with a “live” page or just in preview mode? I think it has to be a live page to work.
I was playing around with this yesterday and noticed a delay on emails sent from the webpage rather than directly - but this is probably nothing to do with Blocs. Just checked today and email arrives instantly.

I will try !
Thanks !

I just found this out myself. (I am new to Blocs.). You will get an error until you Export and then upload to your webserver.

I am curious why the content of the fields are deleted upon success or failure though. It’s especially awful in the case of a failure because the failure means “try again later.” But the message you just typed will have been deleted!

If this functionality could be corrected, it would be helpful. Why? Because when such email forms fail on other sites, I then select my message text, copy it, and then use that same text again later. Blocs deletes that text before you have a chance to save it!

Norm, if this is possible to improve, that would be great.


How can I change the “Not a valid email address” text? I design websites in the Japanese language. People in Japan won’t understand that English error text, so I want to translate it to Japanese. How can I do that?

Another language related problem…

In Blocs, I want to type Japanese into the form’s “Subject” field. Blocs allows me to do that, but then when I export and upload and Submit, the email that arrives has its Subject line garbled. It is therefore clear that Blocs is not encoding the Subject line properly. A bug?


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The subject line is a new edition in 2.4 so I’ll get that fixed up. I’m assuming data coming in via name and message is encoding correctly.

Good point about the form UX I’ll see if it’s possible to prevent the screen refresh when the form posts.

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BTW You can change the validation messages outside of Blocs in the validation.js file after export.

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The message body encoding is fine. Japanese displays perfectly. Only the Subject line is garbled.

Thank you for the tip about the ability to change English to Japanese inside the jqBootstrapValidation.js file. I changed the English line to Japanese and found that the Japanese displays perfectly in the browser. However, I might want to export several times per day, on a daily basis. Having to edit/hack that js file after each export is troublesome, so it would be nice if someday this could be addressed inside the Blocs UI.


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This file doesn’t change on export so you should just be able to keep a backup and just keep dropping it back into the exports and overwriting for now.

I’ve addressed the form issue regarding it being cleared on a failed post. I should hopefully have something in place for the subject line too, although that may not be ready in time for build 5.


I did a little reading on subject lines and apparently its common for the subject line for some mail services to not support special characters. Anyway I tried it with google and it worked fine for me, so it may be the mail client or service.

Norm, I conducted further testing this morning. Outlook 15.32 (MacOS) has the problem:

Correct Subject Line: HPメール
Garbled Subject Line (Outlook): HPã∞¡ã∞πã∞«

That happens in Outlook Mac (I don’t have Outlook on Windows to test) for 2-byte (Japanese) encoded subject lines created by Blocs. Exchanging Japanese content with other Outlook users (PC or Mac) or other email clients does not cause this garbled subject line problem – it’s only email sent via a Blocs generated web page.

I also tried email access via web browser – no problem. Apple Mail under MacOS is fine too. Mozilla Thunderbird running on WinXP is fine. It’s only Outlook on MacOS (and possible Outlook on Windows – I don’t have a copy to test).

Very strange, especially considering that the message body is fine in Outlook (MacOS). It’s only the Subject line that gets garbled.

Odd. I will give this more time at some point in the future.

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