Htacces settings Blocs an October CMS blog

Fellow Bloccers,

Despite the fact that my problem could be experienced as slightly of topic, I still dare to post it.
I’ve been working on my personal blog using blocs and October CMS to great satisfaction. Still a work in progress but as soon as it is finished I will share it here.

But the problem I’ve encountered is the following: After installing October CMS in the root of my webserver other links in subfolders have become unavailable. I know this can be tweaked in the htacces-file. Is there some way to add a command in my htacces-file that makes my subfolder(s) accessible? Someone who could advise me?

Inaccessible right now:

The October CMS forum isn’t that current, so I thought I might post it here regarding the great help I’ve already received from this community in the past.

Thanks in advance.