HTML animations do not work on Mac when exporting from Blocs 3


All our projects have problems with carrousel transitions and HTML 5 animations when exporting from Blocs 3 and showing on a Mac.

We use the latest MacOs and blocs version.

I have uploaded on YouTube a video showing the problem. First part shows the same website on windows, then on Mac. The Arrow does not move on MAC.

We only noticed this problem when we started using BLOCS 3.


did you try diffrent browsers on MAC

in my experience Safari loads and displays the content diffrent than e.g. Chrome on MAC os

I’m only on my iPad at the moment. But the animation is working on safari iOS.

It seems to work here on Brave and Firefox with my desktop computer.

Hi, we have three macs on which the animations do NOT work (various browsers and incognito) and one that does work.

When using guest login on the mac it works on ALL.

What part of our macs could be blocking the animations i have no idea where to search…

Works for me on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on both a desktop and laptop running 10.14.6. It also works on an old laptop running 10.11.6 on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Good luck finding the problem.

Your website is working, but there is no translation.