HTML Widget and Adding Shop Page (HTML Code)

I am using ShopRocket to start my shop page. Per the user documentation and what I read here…

I put this code into the Page Settings in the footer:

So the code won’t show. Ugh! Not sure what to do.

THEN I went to the shop page and created a single structure block and included an HTML Widget. Into that widget I pasted this code and my shop should appear on my website. But it hasn’t.

Again code won’t show.

I’m not a coder, just a ground floor user and I need help. :slight_smile:


Bill is my website.

Have you tried exporting and hosting it, some 3rd party stuff only works when hosted. BTW keep backups when using the HTML widget unless you are confident in what is being pasted in.

Blocs 2.4 HTML widget features a lot of stability improvements, regarding 3rd party snippets.

Thanks Norm,

I did create a back up.

I did export and uploaded it, it but I don’t understand hosting it. I assume when I uploaded it that is hosting.

I see the code in the WebInspector.


I fixed it.

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