Html widget - php code problems

  1. I was looking for any solution for my problem with html widget and php code for some time. No luck. I’m working on the website which part of it is written with php. The code is pasted in some parts of page using the html widget. And what? Code pasted using Html Widget is not working after exporting a project and putting it to the server. The same php code injected to the previosly exported page by the regular code editor (eg TextWrangler) works as expected and without a problems. I have no clue what might be wrong with all that situation.
  2. Another thing is instant preview of the Html wigdet. It should be switchable - on or off. No one needs the instant preview of php code in the project, especially when this code contains eg parts of html or something like that. Am I wrong …? :wink: It’s annoying and brings the mess to the project. @norm, please reconsider this. Maybe there is any way to swich off of this preview …?

Those two things makes my work slow and unproductive. I have to mostly edit the project outside the Blocs. :frowning:

Have you looked at the code after export to see what is causing the problem in the php snippets?

Maybe the html cleaner is messing with your code.

As for enabling/disabling the preview of the html widgets content, this is already on the Blocs road map.


Good news.


@norm, thank you for the answering my post. I will examine it one more time and more carefully. I will let you know what I will noticed.

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