Https... dienst work, I need to add .htaccess?

Hello guys and girls…

everytime I update my sites… something weird occurs, the https… doesn’t work,
Now my hoste (Argeweb the best ! by the way), helps me out every time and they add this .htaccess in my Public_html.

But…and here is my question: that shouldn’t be necessary… right?

I thought all we needed to do in Blocs is change it at the Projectsettings?
Am I mistaken???
thnx and regards

What are you putting in the project settings? I actually leave mine blank.

only the web address, and I leave the active link blank

I just wonder if the web address is correct.

well yep the address is correct

I don’t know, but it’s obviously particular to something you are doing or everybody would be reporting this. I assume you are uploading them to the correct directory. They certainly shouldn’t have to update the htaccess every time you update the site.

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-23 om 15.29.32

This is what it looks like…

That’s the wrong part. What about here?

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 14.33.40

Shoot… ja…sorry… switched screens

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-23 om 15.39.27

is the www… that shouldn’t be included?

If I go to your website it is possible to access the insecure versions e.g or, plus

It’s no problem having the www in there but you should have the 301 redirect pointing everything to that one version.