Huge thanks to Adrian at Vibralogix (SiteLok)

Hi all,

I just want to say a massive thanks the other week to Adrian at @vibralogix.
I had his SiteLok installed on a really high end live stream website and the night before the stream the main client requested something which was out of the normal and through the channels of people involved they were adamant this was going to happen.

I won’t go into detail of what they requested, but I required urgent help to make the impossible in the time line possible and Adrian came to me out of usual hrs to help and he went above and beyond to make it happen and everyone was so so happy.

You all know how strong I feel about SiteLok and the services Adrian provides and I felt like I wanted to give him and his products a mention.

For membership pages etc - SiteLok is 100% recommended and works so well within Blocs.

Hey @AdieJAM. Are you an affiliate of Sitelok? The product is good and I use it myself as well but 2 posts within 5 minutes glorifying Sitelok are suspicious. :thinking: Not sure if the forum is meant for this.

WOW!!! Really ??? You honestly think that???..your comment has actually surprised me!!

Someone has asked for a membership website and for a long time this is something I know!! I straight away I have recommended something I use on a regular basis within Blocs as this is what I know pretty well and also now looking at using Bills page lock bric too for smaller things.

On typing that message I thought to myself I wanted to offer thanks to someone who has gone out of their way to help me on a Blocs project with their software which has had a manual in Blocs written and works great in Blocs.

I recommended Pete and @eldar too on the other post and i’m not affiliated with them either and I recommend Elders work a lot to people on here in public and more in private.

You know what - I come here to relax and have an escape from my work and love to read and learn on the forum…the day the forum police my comments like this are the days I stop commenting.

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