Hype movies not showing on upload

Hi all, just done an update on the above site and the Hype movies are only showing on the homepage, whereas there should be a movie on every page except the contact page.

It all previews fine in the Blocs preview, and also when asking Blocs to preview with Safari, Edge, Chrome and Brave, but once uploaded, they’re gone!

I’ve replaced the Hype bric, re-linked the movies, they’re there in the project attachments, and the side menu in Blocs can see them to link, so not a clue!

Any help much appreciated. Thanks

Now working. I think it’s because they were all pretty old Hype exports and Blocs has undergone a few updates since they were done.
I still couldn’t get the Hype exports to work, but exported as animated gifs, so a loss of quality, but I was desperate and the clients fine with it.

However, any brainwaves greatly appreciated.

Glad that’s working now. I’ll loop back and test some projects with Hype for tomorrow V5 beta, just to make sure everything is working correctly.

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cheers Norman - I’m not a big Hype user, in fact I think this is the only site I use Hype on, but just typical on a day when he wanted something doing quickly!

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