I am a singer and would like to include a ticketing on my site

ollie is the best value for money, and safe. However, they offer a plug in based nog on Blocs.
Can anyone help in how to accomplish this?
A shop for concert tickets?

Something like this? Only $6 to buy.


You have to install scripts on your server but it appears the company will do this for you if you’re not sure how to do it. You can also host remotely should your server not meet the requirements.

It’s actually €65 - the €5.95 offer is when you buy the whole suite of 65 PHP scripts from PHP Jabbers. That said, the script is good and carries a multi installation licence, so it can be used on any number of websites.

I was looking at some of their other ones. Have you found any issues with integrating their scripts with blocs?

Integration is fairly straightforward. The scripts are typically installed as a web app in a separate directory on your server. The company will install for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. Once installed, you log into the administration area through your web browser. Effectively, you set up the features etc. that you want from the admin area. This is also where you grab the HTML code to add to your Blocs website. It usually involves a small peace of code to add to the head section of your page and a piece of body code that you add to your page body via a code bric. That’s all there is to it. All the code does is display the front user interface of the web app within a page of your site.

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Hoi Anita,
ik maak wel eens gebruik van www.ticketkantoor.nl. Kosten 80 eurocent per verkochte ticket. Werkt handig!

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super dank, de andere opties vind ik té duur en te permanent. Kaartjes zijn al incl. btw, en mijn kosten allemaal ex… pff… artiesten … dank Matheus.

Fairly straightforward… ;-), I haven’t got a clue where to start. I work with Argeweb and they are not so Mac-minded. And alle tutorials are about MP…, I was looking for an instruction on where and how to implement HTML code to my site. Google code I found, but where to put the rest, I have no idea. !

front user interface … ehhh… that means… an active link on my site… right?

as an artist I only have 2 concerts of my own … (the rest I am booked for a fee),
The tickets involved with those concersts vary from 30 tot 70/80, and are including VAT, and all my costs are ex (21%)… I have decided to wait for all the purchases to come in and then start invoicing my guests a batch and not per ticket.
And yes, I do the singing too!!! Marketing, websites, communicates, gigs, revenue, ticketing… ánd the singing. :wink: