I am missing something simple using the Bric ' Follow Links ' - but where !?

Hi guys,

Sorry for messages on posting for help recently, but I am determined to get my head around how this works while all my business has stopped due to Covid and hopes of getting it back this year are zero. So here I am diving into Blocs (with pulling my hair out last night again !!)

I have added the Bric - Follow Links, basically it adds icons for social media, you tube etc and its really simple.

I set this perfect for desktop and how i want it. I then view it in Mobile and it needs adjusting, so I make it smaller - perfect. I then go back to desktop and its gone small!!!

I am finding with is many blocs and brics - whatever i change on mobile view, it moves it fully on desk top and tablet view too…im sure it didn’t always do this !!!..or have i selected something i shouldn’t have!

For the changes affect only in specific viewport you need to add a class to the item you want to personalize and then, open the class and change viewport with the buttons on the top center of the canvas and change what you need for each viewport.

But to this specific bric what I normally do is add a second bric and the first I turn it only visible to larger equipments, and the second bric only visible to mobile devices, so you can change size, direction, etc for each viewport.

Thanks @Pealco - got it, I worked it like i used to on another platform, in the view mode when you changed it, it actually changed only in that view.

I have done what you have said - done 2 x Brics and changed the mobile one to view mobile only and sized that, and made the other one its larger size.

So on changing class within viewpoints makes them stick to that then…I will have a play with that when i come into that situation again.

huge thanks

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