I can't be the only one

Custom Classes not applying…

Just made a website, relative small at the moment, 200-300 words a page with 5 pages. Hardly used any custom classes but trying to do a Hero with two paragraphs inside one bloc but different sizes. I apply a custom class to one paragraph and set the text size inside and it does absolutely nothing (the two paragraphs still want to use the same size as each other), click off the paragraph, click back on it and the custom class has disappeared? It’s incredibly frustrating. What should be a 2 minutes job sends me round in circles with 30 minutes later I’m still not able to separate the text sizes of 2 paragraphs in the same bloc?

I have no troubles doing that, placed a pre made hero, delete the elements on each column and place a text assigning a custom style to each one and its running

test.bloc (200.6 KB)