I love blocs!

My first client project with Blocs:

Was such a nice experience to create. Still a lot more to learn.


And here I can barely get Blocs to do a single thing I want :angry: … Yours looks professional and fantastic!

Thank you! I think the flexibility of Blocs is pretty amazing.

What are you struggling with?

I think, with the help of my genius brother-in-law, I have figured a lot of it out. I was just getting really frustrated because Blocs is advertised as being SOOO simple and for people that have never done code or website design, yet when I wanted to know how to do something that I felt should have been simple (like making a button pull up an image or document), I kept getting answers in acronyms and code-speak. I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent person and have used programs like Indesign and Weebly before, but since I had no history with more intricate web design or coding, I was having to look up almost every word. CMS? CCS? Bootstrap? href? What?! Nothing like a “simple” design program to make me feel dumber than a box of rocks and end in tears. Haha!

A few minor things I still haven’t figured out that I thought should be simple:

  1. How to put a text box wherever I want it. Blocs automatically snaps it to a certain spot. I ended up stacking a bunch of empty text boxes on top of each other so I could put text in the top one and get the text as high as I wanted.

  2. How to change the color of the frames around images. Blocs is only letting me do white so far. I’d like a dark gray to match the other things on my site.

  3. I’m working on the desktop view first. When I look at it in mobile view, the text is entirely too big on my home page. If I change it to look right on mobile view, it changes my desktop view. I’ve been trying to read other people’s posts about how to lock views and just change one at a time, but once again, with no prior experience, a lot of the lingo is over my head and I’m lost.

Sorry for writing you a book! I’m just excited someone’s listening! :grin:

@slscott3 hey welcome to the forum. So Blocs is pretty simple in that it makes putting together the core of the visual interface quick and easy. However Blocs can also be a lot more complex in that it has more powerful customisation tools built in that let you do a lot of more technical stuff, you have various interactions and a bunch of other things that are more complex than the laying out stages.

Ultimately Blocs can do a lot, but you will find some stuff takes a little learning and time.

At first the canvas appears rigid, this is by design. By enforcing positioning, blocs keeps your design responsive. Responsive means the design flows and works on any screen size. It’s not perfect in Blocs yet but its getting better all the time.

Blocs is also young compared to some others so some features are not intergrated yet but development is pretty fast and new stuff comes every couple of weeks.

But, ultimately you will need to learn a little technical stuff (not code) if you are going to build a site that is responsive and has a few bells and whistles.

Anyway, to get the most out of Blocs I’d advise learning the basics of custom classes, think of them as layer styles that let you manipulate how objects look.


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Thanks for the response, Norm. I definitely didn’t think it was an issue with Blocs itself–just operator ignorance. :slight_smile: I’ve been reading the forum and documents (which still have some pretty technical lingo), and have been learning a lot! I’m slowly but surely making friends with it, but definitely have room to grow!

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