I Updated My 3D Portfolio Site


I figured out how to let the plug in works but when the navbar stops all site content goes over the menu, how to get the navbar on top of everything as on this site, http://www.guilhermechagas.com/



For me the navbar is not sticky on your test page. In general you have to look up the class of the Navbar and set the z-index on a high value.


Still no luck: When you scroll up you see the black navbar coming up. It sticks to the top of the page but: all content under the navbar scrolls over it. Who knows the solution?



Hey @bonoman looks like your page is missing some files, maybe you have to re-publish.


@gvchagas sua página está ótima, parabéns :grinning:


@Lucas added the jquery.js still the same problem :frowning:


The sticky plugin looks like a very slick thing so I join the choir and kindly ask for a tutorial how to embed it into Blocs?

Please anyone??



How did you do the chat plugin as thats just what i need to add to a client of mine , site looks amazing

well done



Hello! i have used the Tawk service. They give some options of chats and you use the code on the head section of you html site.


I’ve been ttrying for a whole week now to realize a similar effect to the one gvchagas’ site with the menu starting at the bottom of the front page and later being sticky to the top. This is exactly what I would need for my project, too!
I played around with the sticky.js script but coudln’t get it to work properly.

May I ask if anyone could replicate this effect or demo how to include this wonderful effect in Blocs?


I got the menu scrolling up to the top but all content is going over the menu :open_mouth: maybe @Eldar ir @Norm can help us out :smile::+1: what is the secret @gvchagas? :grinning:


Do you have to put the code they give you in the header of the page AND in a widget or JUST in the header?