I want, I want a Search function in document

@norm I wisch You all a really great New Blocs Year to come, I must say… Ive struggled with the Blocs app for a time right now, and beginning to get things at place as i want it.
Today I did 2 pages inkl. images text and SEO terms in less than 10 minutes… I must say Whaaoo Thankyou Norm. :crossed_fingers:

But I found some miss spelling, in my Html doc. so I searched for the function ( Search and Replace ) but i didn’t found any of that function.

Could You Please Put that Up on Your´s To Do list, because that Fix took me 35 minutes.


I would really like to see a spell checker inside Blocs that checks as we type. This should be something that can be leveraged within Mac OS and it’s been available in other apps for a very long time. A search and replace feature is an obvious addition.