I want to link by clicking the image of the carousel

I am a Japanese programmer who has just started blocs.

I want to click the image of the carousel and jump the page.
It does not seem to be found in the setting item, but what kind of setting is it possible?


The best way is to create a button or text link in the caption area and set the caption to the centre/middle of the image. If you don’t want a visible element, just add a full width button to the caption area and create a custom class for the button. Adjust its height and width so that it covers a large part of the image area. Finally, remove the button text and make the button background colour transparent. You can now add the link in the properties panel.

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Thank you for replying @hendon52

I tried again and made the following settings.
Cover the whole with Caption Area and maximize the button.
It is not so beautiful but it is clickable.

However, the color of the area covered by the button will be dark.
I could not solve this problem.
Is there a way to get around this?

Also, there seems to be a bug that does not appear in the list when editing deep hierarchies.
You can not see the block or attribute that has disappeared from the list, and you do not know where you are currently selected.

Thank you @hendon52

I was able to solve the button display problem myself.
Since the style of the button was prioritized, it was solved by selecting Style-None.
When I have time, I want to find and look for smarter solutions.