I would love to see a Colour Styleguide added!

It is great we can select the type (H1, H2, etc…) for our project but we need also to be able to select our colours for the project - at a bare minimum a primary, a secondary, and an accent colour. If need be we can introduce classes to override the styleguide colours but having the styleguide colours would really allow for even more efficient designing! :slight_smile:

Is this something we can expect in V3.0?

There is a color tab in Blocs. You can add swatches and change their colors. I normally do this once I have chosen my color scheme for a website.


Oh… Do you mean the “Global Swatches”? Come to think about I have come across that and I thought it to be just a colour picker but the heading gives it away - my bad!
I guess with the global font Project Settings (at the top) I thought it would be practical to also see the Project Setting colour swatches that I would assign to the project in the same area?

Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

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