Icon & Paragraph Bric

Why does the TEXT LINK button not work with Icon & Paragraph BRIC, please?

Just tested this and it looks like a bug. I get the same with the Icon Heading bric, but in my case I don’t even see the option to attempt adding a link or otherwise format the text using recent versions of Blocs or the latest beta.

Best to report it here https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/reporting-bugs/#bug-report-form

I had to drag select / click the text and move the text insertion bar to get the menu to appear.

That works for me on the paragraph part, but not on the header with an icon. If I add a simple header bric it works fine.

EDIT: Correction - I can partially get that to work but only by selecting part of a word and dragging a selection. It is unnecessarily fiddly.

LOL fiddly describes it pretty well! :slight_smile:

Yup… but after my client saw it with the ICON they want it…

So I’ll suggest going without the icon until the bug is squashed.

Im looking into this.

I have this plus a few more issues regarding this Bric fixed up.