Idea/solution for more styling options for the mobile navigation

Hi guys

Is it possible to open a Bloc by interaction “toggle visibility” in fullscreen mode, no matter where it’s positioned on the side, and then also block the scroll function (so it stays fixed)?
Basically it’s the same as if you open a Modal… but a Modal doesn’t give me the freedom I’m looking for (and of course it doesn’t really open really fullscreen).
Actually it’s like the Fullscreen mobile navigation, what I’m looking for.

Thanks it advance,
cheers Ben

Hi Ben,

Did you try the new Toogle Class function? I believe it is exactly what you want.

I did a video about it a while ago.


Great video @Eldar

I have seen this video around 5 times now ! and still love watching how you created this. The dropdown is a great idea for adding additions to the menu - I have many ideas on using this on many of my future projects.

Nice one.


@Eldar awesome as always!
You know as a Blocs Master Student I saw all your videos…but this one is new to me :flushed: :sweat_smile: I really don’t know how I could miss it!!!
Thank you very much for your quick reply, you saved my day!

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me too, but did it the other way round… first the idea, now the solution :slight_smile:

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well, just finished the idea, thanks again @Eldar
I always was struggling with the limited styling options for the mobile navigation (which I’m using on all screen sizes) in blocs respectively Bootstrap. So I was thinking about solutions to create my own working navigation.
That’s my solution-template:
maybe there are better solutions for some aspects… everyone is gladly invited to help bring this idea further:Navigation_Experiment_NF_Ben_Fluri.bloc (2.9 MB)

Note: This solution is not working for websites with a lot of pages, and lots of changes in structure. Adding new pages means adding it to the navigation on all pages by hand (It’s not a global navigation, because then the active state wouldn’t work. -> maybe someone knows a solution for this??)

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Yeah, this one was public on Blocs Master’s YouTube channel. I hope it works for you!