IE don´t support a lot of features

when you use for example cards, or a gradient text or a clip path and a few more things, then you dont see that in IE11 (looks not good)… When I know correct IE11 was not longer supported …And now they call that “edge” …

So my question:
Is it possible that you use a code snippet that check what browser you use and open a modal when it was the IE ? So there can be a text: it is possible that the site not shown correct …

Any ideas ?
thanks tom

Maybe something like this @tom2

Hi … @Malachiman
yeah …somthing like this …is that possible in a easy way with a modal that have the style of your website ? and no solution for a alternativ …only the info that the browser was not supported … I do a lot with the clip path ( you help me a few weeks ago ) and that dont work on IE :disappointed:

On the very first page they have a link for customisations

There are a ton of script example online for this Tom, and ones that use a modal. Have a search.

Hi @Malachiman
yeah …I found one …think it works.