If I buy v2 now, will update to version 3 be free?

It looks like version 3 should be out soon?
With only offering 25% discount for upgrades, I’m not prepared to purchase version 2 if another version is pending. Do you have a defined version 3 release date or will you offer free upgrades to those that purchase version 2 when a version 3 release is pending?

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I think that is a question that only @Norm can answer.

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I don’t work for or with Blocs company in any way other than using the app.
As you may have read Blocs 3 is expected to be released before years end 2018.
Having used and tested many variations of dozens of web apps, even if you buy the $80 current version now and paid $60 for the new 3 version that’s very inexpensive in comparison to anything out there.

Blocs is much much more than most other apps in this price range. It’s general,y easy to use and has a good support community.

Let me give you some price examples:
Adobe is/was $600 per year to get Dreamweaver and or Muse. Yes you get Photoshop, inDesign and some other apps you may use or not use. But after learning those apps they just dumped Muse. A real waste of both time and money.

If you got Word Press dot org it’s free but you still need something to host on (and learn) Mamp is free but only hosts one site the paid version MampPro is $60 bucks.

A page builder like Elementor for WP is free but you will most likely need or want to buy some plugins. Many of the useful well written plugins are $50-80 annually alone. Elementor for unlimited sites is $200 per year and DIVI is $250 (a onetime fee) now you have to learn all of this and how it works or sometimes doesnt work together.

You are realistically looking at close to $1000 per year. To do professional web development and hosting.

I didn’t even get into the SEO plugins…
I’m just saying Blocs is priced very nicely in comparison and paying an extra $60 for all the work for the new version that goes into building an app like Blocs really is a great deal very easy to use app…granted like many apps there is always something missing but it seems the Founder Norm is willing to listen and add things that are suggested.
…just my opinion but maybe another way to look at it.