Iframe with percentage height (related to browser /viewport)


just stumbled across blocs after almost giving up the search for a decent (easy + versatile + nice to use) html5 /website tool! wow! looks great on first look!! congrats!

… so, here my question as total newbie to Brics, as this relates to the whole scenario in which I am considering Brics as tool: is there a way to make an iframe that has a specific %-height in relation to the viewport (like 80%)? that would also entail it is responsive in height…

I was trying things out but endedup with the iframe either needing a pixel-height, or it being “decimated” to a small bar.

thx + I hope I can hop on - looks so good!


I got it solved. solution for people interested is here

… seems I can dive into blocs. looking forward to that! :slight_smile: