iMac as second monitor

Apologies for being very off-topic and not Blocs related in the slightest - but you’re a knowledgeable bunch, so thought I’d test the water.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use my 2015 iMac as a second monitor for a pc laptop? I’m assuming not asI can’t seen ay inputs for cdmi, and you’d have to somehow bypass the Mac OS to use it solely as a screen, but just thought I’d ask in case someone knew of something.

Thanks in advance, you brainy lot. :slight_smile:

Hi TrevReav, while I have no experience with this myself (only macs here), this seems worth a shot:

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I thanks for that - a great read, but unfortunately this iMac doesn’t seem to have the video display port at the rear.
From left to right:
headphones, SD card, 4x USB, 2x Firewire, ethernet

Answer very much appreciated, though, thanks.

They are not FireWire they are Thunderbolt.

There you have a link with possible solution

There you have a link with your connections, check description about thunderbolt cables and possibilities.

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Had a quick look, and that looks perfect. Cheers, you’ve made my wife a very happy lady!

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